Dr. Quentin Meyer is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate within the Electrochemical Innovation Laboratory (EIL) at University College London.

Dr. Quentin Meyer has been awarded his PhD from UCL (2015), and is currently a Research Associate in the Electrochemical Innovation Laboratory (EIL) in the Department of Chemical Engineering, UCL. Over the past 5 years, he has published 12 peer reviewed journal papers and was awarded the David Newton Award for Outstanding Contribution and Thesis in Sustainability (2016). He has successfully supervised 8 Master’s project during his time at UCL.

His research interests focuses on the application of electrochemical metrology in solving major challenges in the areas of energy : developing novel metrology for fuel cells and battery investigations, from nano and micro-scale (X-ray tomography, SEM, EDX), to large scale (combined current and temperature mapping, thermal imaging, neutron imaging). In addition, he possesses a strong expertise in impedance spectroscopy and in his first year of PhD, he has developed a low cost, multichannel frequency response analyser, which has been implemented at National Physics Laboratory and Intelligent Energy.

He brings to the ELEVATE project his extensive experience of diagnosis tools and advanced metrology to the project in order to understand how to further extend the performances of proton exchange membrane fuel cells, and translate the metrology development onto fuel cells.